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Creating Natural Cosmetics



At first I found natural cosmetic formulating very challenging. Mostly because you have very little materials to work with and you must create a product that is as good or better at performing than the synthetic competition. I have been making natural cosmetics for years using very few, excellent performing ingredients such as kaolin clay, jojoba, and mica. I equate it to having to cook a healthy dinner with limited ingredients in the fridge. How creative you get, and how well you know your ingredients, determines how good your dinner is going to be.

Years ago, when I stated making cosmetics, I did a lot of research on ingredients and formulation, then got right to it. I had a few disasters, like my first batch of lotion exploding and a very yellow crumbly foundation that was cakey and dry. As I learned more about the performance, durability, and the textural components of my formulating , I started to create better and better recipes, which lead me to the great products that we at ZCC make today.

Instead of feeling limited with my materials, I felt challenged. I love experimenting, and the geek in me came out with every ingredient challenge I faced. Some I am still experimenting with, like a good vegan mascara that doesn't flake or melt. One day my friends, I will have such a product!

I am always learning and improving and will continue to formulate using the limitations of nature as my parameters. I am just glad I didn't discover Chemists Corner before I jumped right in or I may have never even tried that first foundation recipe!

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Stephanie Storm, Creative Designer, Artist, Nature Obsessed.

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