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​How to Have Perfect Eyebrows



Until I became a makeup artist, I had no idea about what to do with my eyebrows. I over plucked as a teenager and was left with a thin unnatural looking line. Over the years I painstakingly let them grow in but they never returned to their former glory. After taking a course in makeup artistry, I learned the correct way to make my brows look awesome by using matte eye shadow! The powder shadow provides a softer line than a pencil and is easier to apply. So here is what I learned when it comes to achieving perfect brows.

1. Properly groom your eyebrows.

Pluck all stray hairs but don't over pluck! You really don't want to have that super thin line if you are going for a natural look. Trust me. Using a brow brush, comb your brows into place.

2. Choose the right colour eye shadow.

Match the colour of the eye shadow to the colour of your brows. If you have black hair use a dark brown eye shadow. Never use black! It won't look natural and will stand out way too much. Make sure that the eye shadow is not a frosty, shiny, shimmery, or sparkly colour. Once again it won't look natural. Matte eye shadow is what you are looking for. I have black eyebrows and brown hair so I use the colour plum or chocolate eye shadow. It may sound strange to use a plum purple but it works because my brows are dark and pretty thick and the plum colour helps bring out the green in my eyes. Also plum is closer to a shade of brown than a purple. Experiment with different shades to find the best match. The goal is to have a natural looking brow that looks tidy and defined, that will frame your eyes. Think of your brows like a window dressing. It's amazing what a nice set of curtains will do for a boring window!

3. Apply sparingly.

Apply a small amount of matte ZCC Clay mineral eye shadow using an angled brush. A little goes a long way! Hold your brush so the thin narrow side contacts your brow first. Slowly draw the brush across your brow adding pressure so the short thicker side of the brush then makes contact, then slowly lift the brush to finish with the narrow end. Start at the widest part (inner corner) of your brow and slowly taper off. Repeat this motion blending the colour in and filling sparse brows. Pay particular attention to the starting and ending points of your brow. You should not apply any colour past inner corner of your eye but you may need to extend colour to the outer corner, lengthening your brow. Use the outer corner of your eye as a reference then take your brush and line it up at about a 45 degree angle. This is where your eyebrow should end. Do not draw your brows in larger than they actually are but you can use the eye shadow right up to where the hair stops. It gives the illusion of larger brows without looking scary.

Enjoy your eyebrow makeover and have fun experimenting with different colours. The more you practice this the easier it gets. You won't believe what a difference good eyebrows make.  

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