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The Best Way to Apply Mineral Make Up



Mineral make up application is a bit different from synthetic traditional make up. Brushes are EVERYTHING when applying. This is because mineral make up is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Also the pressed powders that make up blushes and eye shadows are not glued together with a synthetic chemical cocktail, instead they are ground up with jojoba and pressed into the tin. This makes them a bit more soft and delicate than the synthetic equivalent. The bonus is that if they crumble, you can easily press them back into their tins! Blending is key to great make up and great brushes help enormously. Here is step by step instructions on how I apply my mineral make up. The end result, using this example, will be day make up as seen on model Jesse K.


jess31. Clean, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. I used ZCC Light Daytime Lotion. It absorbed into the skin quickly and is does not leave a greasy film.

2. I mixed ZCC Clay Mineral Concealer in ‘medium light yellow’ with a small amount ofZCC Light Daytime Lotion to create a cream concealer. I applied this using a concealer brush to under eyes and around nose. I also used it to cover any scars or blemishes. Fingers work great for blending too. Be sure to blend in all the lotion and smooth product onto the skin.

3. I mixed a small amount of ZCC Clay Mineral Foundation in ‘medium beige’ with lotion creating a liquid foundation. I applied this to entire face with a foundation brush. This creates an light airbrush finish that provides full coverage and allows the skin to breathe.

4. Apply a thin dusting of ZCC Silk Mineral Veil with a kabuki brush to set the foundation and remove any shine.



1. Using a small blush brush apply a small amount ZCC Clay Mineral Blush in ‘Sparkling Rose’ to the hollow space below cheek bones. (Suck in your cheeks and you can clearly see where your cheek bones sit). Blend well using upward strokes from the ‘apple’ of your cheek to the temple area. This creates a lifted contoured cheek.

2. Using the same blush brush, apply a small amount of ZCC Silk Highlight Powder in ‘Gossamer Pink’ to cheek bones. The highlight powder should blend into the blush seamlessly. This makes your cheek bones look more defined.


1. Using a flat shadow brush, apply a generous amount of ZCC Clay Eye Shadowin’Petal Pink’ to entire lid up to eyebrow.

2. Using a pencil point shadow brush, apply a small amount of ZCC Clay Eye Shadow in ‘Red Maple’ to eyelid crease, starting at the outside corner of the lid blending to the inside corner. Be sure to pull the colour up onto the brow bone but not all the way to the eyebrow.

3. Define the crease even more by applying ZCC Clay Eye Shadow in ‘plum’ using pencil point shadow brush in just the outside corner of the eyelid blending to the outside corner lash line.

4. Mix a small amount of ZCC Clay eye Shadow in ‘plum’ with Light Daytime Lotion and apply to lash line using an angled brush. This creates a gel liner.

5. Using an angled brush apply a small amount of ZCC Clay Eye Shadow in ‘light brown’ to eyebrows. Fill in any thin spots or gaps. Be careful of applying too much. Eyebrows should appear natural.


Apply ZCC Cocoa Butter Lip and Cheek Stain in ‘Rose Gold’ using a lip brush. Tip: If you apply using your fingers, dab the left over product from your fingers to your cheeks! (I applied this lip stain before Jess finished her coffee but it stayed on and I did not need to re apply before the shoot! It has amazing durability and is super rich and hydrating)

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