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The Truth is Not So Pretty



 I completed my Makeup Artistry course with Gemini Models and decided to dive into an amazing world of natural cosmetics, and intern the terrifying world of synthetic beauty. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to really get familiar with the stuff they put on their skin because once this happens, it becomes impossible to go back. Now I can stand in the cosmetics isle and objectively see a toxic stew of chemicals cleverly marketed to make me feel inadequate without it. I spend way too long agonizing over the ingredients in an ‘organic’ shampoo and I drive my family crazy with random chirps about the chemicals in the products they use. But that’s alright because the truth is not always pretty and in this case it is very ugly indeed! Well I am on to you, toxic beauty world and I have a solution! Shop for real natural beauty productshere.

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Stephanie Storm, Creative Designer, Artist, Nature Obsessed.

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