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The ZCC Natural Standard



Wow, who knew it would take so long to launch an on-line, natural cosmetic company? Certainly not I, with my optimistic May website launch. *sigh*. All this time I have been working with a great designer from Casa Creative, to pull together the final packaging and website edits. It has been a long process but we feel that we are almost there!

Back in may, when I so optimistically mentioned the imminent arrival of zephyrcreative.net, I got so caught up in the design of the web site and excited about the launch that I completely forgot to consider the labeling for my products! Back to Casa for help on this very important detail. So here we are today and I am in the final proofing stages for the labels and then it is go time!

As annoyed as I am about the delay, I feel that it is a blessing in disguise. It has forced me to really consider every decision that I make. I can’t rush into anything. I have learned so much!

One of the things I recently learned was about the US Natural Standard and the misleading use of the word ‘natural’. There is no regulation on the use of this word. Companies can make very bold claims about the ‘naturalness’ of their product but the reality is a toxic stew of synthetic harmful ingredients with a splattering of real botanicals. Slap on a picture of a large aloe leaf or pretty flower and voila, a new ‘natural’ product on the market.

So this lead me to want to outline a Zephyr Creative Cosmetics Natural Standard. I have a hard time trusting any companies, especially cosmetic companies, and think that every consumer should be leery of all corporations and their so called intentions. I want to help you trust us with your beauty care and clearly outline our intentions. I have used ‘How We Develop a Natural Standard’ by Mark Fuller as my reference.

Zephyr Creative Cosmetics Natural Standard

ZC Cosmetics contain no ingredients linked with potentially suspected human health risks.

ZC Cosmetics are not processed in ways that significantly or adversely alter the purity of its natural ingredients.

ZC Cosmetics Include ingredients derived from a purposeful, renewable/plentiful source found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral).

ZC Cosmetics are minimally processed and avoid the use of synthetic or harsh chemicals so as not to dilute the material’s purity.

ZC Cosmetics may contain non-natural ingredients only where viable natural alternative ingredients are unavailable, and only when they pose absolutely no potentially suspected human health risks.

ZC Cosmetics are packaged in recyclable /recycled material that will not contaminate the product by leaching chemicals when viable, and other containers are only used when they pose absolutely no potentially suspected human health risks..

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