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Three Things You Should Know For Perfect Foundation



Foundation is one of my favorite products to wear, ever since I was teenager trying to hide adolescent acne. I no longer have the acne but I still expect a foundation to provide an even coverage and keep my shiny skin looking matte all day. I had no idea that a foundation should also protect and soothe the skin as well. Until I formulated my own mineral foundation, I had been very disappointed and tended to change my brand every time I ran out. After a while I started to notice that my shiny skin became even shinier yet somehow still looked dry in spots and I noticed wrinkles! At the time I chalked this up to aging and that there was nothing I could do about it. This was before I discovered mineral foundation, the power of exfoliation (See the DIY Sugar scrub Recipe in February’s Newsletter-coming soon, I promise!) and the benefit of good ingredients.

How To Choose The Right Foundation

In Your Face Combo

Choosing the correct foundation colour isn’t rocket science but it seems to be a challenge for a lot of women. Avoid these three common mistakes and make choosing the right foundation a breeze.

The first mistake most people make is choosing a foundation in the wrong light. Most stores use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light). This type of light has a tendency to wash out natural skin undertones and white balance. The best type of light is natural filtered daylight. This will show your skins true undertones the most accurately. Ask for samples or apply the product then leave to asses the colours outside in natural daylight.

Another mistake I’ve often noticed is women matching their foundation to their hand, arm or even their forehead. Then when the see themselves in a photo they notice that their face is a different colour than their neck! Your forehead, hands and arms all receive more sun exposure than the rest of your face. If youattempt to match to more tanned skin, you will end up with that ‘floating head on a different colour neck’ look. When choosing a colour, apply a small amount in an even streak from lower cheek over to the upper neck. Compare with a few similar shades and see which one disappears under natural outdoor light. The one thatcompletely disappears without blending is your proper colour.

The third biggest mistake I see is women choosing the wrong type of foundation. Most women tend to feel that they need a liquid foundation so that lines, wrinkles, and pores will get smoothed over and disappear. Especially for dry or aging skin. This is simply not true and the chemicals used to get that creamy liquid texture are actually aging your skin faster! The best solution is to use a mineral make up foundation. There should be no preservatives or chemicals in dry powder formulations because there is no water to provide a home for bacteria growth. If you really enjoy a liquid foundation application, just mix a small amount of powder with a quality natural face lotion or sunscreen and apply like normal. When selecting a mineral foundation, be sure to READ THE LABEL first and make sure there are no DIRTY LIST chemicals in the ingredients. Then check for the opacity. Full Coverage for blemishes, rosacea, or aging skin or a light powder veil for youthful, blemish free skin.

TIP: Put your best face forward by exfoliating regularly to keep away flakiness and help reduce the size of your pores.

Our Suggestion:

TRY: ZCC CLAY MINERAL Full Coverage Foundation

ZCC Clay Mineral Foundation

ZCC clay mineral foundations utilize light reflective technology. Silk mica reflects light, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a soft velvety airbrush finish. It also contains kaolin clay which has oil absorbing properties and is an anti bacterial agent. It helps provide a durable long lasting coverage with a flawless appearance that will also help fight acne and pimples. ZCC Mineral Foundation provides light SPF protection and is formulated to heal light sun damage. It has a smooth matte finish that can be applied in layers to achieve the desired opacity. Apply with a Kabuki Brush to obtain the best airbrushed finish. This product can also be mixed with Anti- Aging Light Daytime Lotion and applied like a liquid/gel foundation using a foundation brush. As always, chemical free, cruelty free, and packaged in a recyclable container.

INGREDIENTS: sericite, silk mica, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, premium (lauroal lysine) sericite, zinc oxide, oxides and ultramarines, jojoba

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