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Is Your Foundation Missing Something?



If you love a matte finish foundation that lasts all day without looking streaky, or blotchy, and fights acne at the same time, then a formula made with kaolin clay is your answer. Kaolin is a type of soft, white powder clay that is used in various facial products such as masks, peels, soaps, and cosmetics due to its safe nature, absorbency, and soothing properties. It is ideal for purifying masks as it helps to cleanse pores of problematic dirt, oil, pollutants, and other impurities. Its ability to dry and detoxify the skin means kaolin is excellent for fighting acne. It can also help reduce inflammation by increasing localized circulation. This natural ingredient will keep skin looking fresh and healthy while reducing the appearance of excess shine. In addition to providing a luminous matte finish, kaolin also prevents powder or foundation from caking or appearing uneven. Kaolin is suitable for combination and sensitive skin types. It works to clear the pores and absorb excess moisture and oil without causing flakiness or dryness. Due to this absorbent nature, kaolin is an ideal ingredient in cosmetic powders as it helps reduce oily shine throughout the day, especially since many foundations and powders can prompt the skin to produce even more oil, and its ability to penetrate the pores makes it a good delivery mechanism for other skin loving ingredients, like essential oils. We love kaolin clay so much that we use a healthy portion of it in all our CLAY MINERAL Foundations and CLAY MINERAL Eye Shadows, we even named them after it!

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Stephanie Storm, Creative Designer, Artist, Nature Obsessed.

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