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The Responsibilities of a Natural Make Up Artist



One of my jobs as a make up artist, is to find THE BEST products for my customer. For me, this meant searching for fresh, natural, chemical free, and cruelty free, products. I became obsessive aboutREADING THE LABEL. As I learned more about personal care products, and what goes in them, I became very frustrated and stopped trusting all makeup companies. This is when I decided to make my own. Most of my posts have to do with the ingredients I come across, good or bad, as I create new natural cosmetic recipes.

Whenever I am researching for my formulations, I find that I get frustrated with how common toxic ingredients are in commercial synthetic cosmetics. Even the expensive brands that boast an “organic” or “safe” product, are usually are using a less well known, but equally terrible substitute, an example of green washing at its best. I just learned that before the average woman has left the house, she has “suds’d, soaked, slathered and spritzed herself with over 126 different chemicals, many of which are toxic. (There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, Gillian Deacon) YIKES! I cannot express enough, how important it is to READ THE LABEL.

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Stephanie Storm, Creative Designer, Artist, Nature Obsessed.

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