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An Ingredient to Avoid-DIMETHICONE

Dimethicone is a silicon oil that is man-made in a laboratory. It is used in personal care products as an anti-foaming agent, skin protecting agent, and skin and hair conditioner.Manufacturers like to use it because it makes their products easily spreadable. You know that feeling of a primer or BB cream smoothly [...]

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Some Questions Answered About Mineral Make Up

What’s the difference?The difference between traditional make up and true mineral make up is what is not in them! All make up has MICA and minerals and OXIDES such and ZINC and TITANIUM but mineral make-up usually does not contain any water. Water is what provides a nice home for bacteria so a preservative [...]

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The Best Way to Apply Mineral Make Up

Mineral make up application is a bit different from synthetic traditional make up. Brushes are EVERYTHING when applying. This is because mineral make up is highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Also the pressed powders that make up blushes and eye shadows are not glued together with a synthetic chemical cocktail, instead [...]

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Three Things You Should Know For Perfect Foundation

Foundation is one of my favorite products to wear, ever since I was teenager trying to hide adolescent acne. I no longer have the acne but I still expect a foundation to provide an even coverage and keep my shiny skin looking matte all day. I had no idea that a foundation should also protect [...]

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Why Mineral Make Up is Better

Mineral make up is better for your skin because it is provides natural sun protection without synthetic chemicals, and skin healthy minerals and nutrients. It has great coverage and long lasting durability. It is excellent for sensitive skin because it is free of irritants. Usually good brands will contain healthy healing clay (Kaolin and [...]

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The Truth is Not So Pretty

 I completed my Makeup Artistry course with Gemini Models and decided to dive into an amazing world of natural cosmetics, and intern the terrifying world of synthetic beauty. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to really get familiar with the stuff they put on their skin because once this happens, it becomes impossible [...]

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The ZCC Natural Standard

Wow, who knew it would take so long to launch an on-line, natural cosmetic company? Certainly not I, with my optimistic May website launch. *sigh*. All this time I have been working with a great designer from Casa Creative, to pull together the final packaging and website edits. It has been a [...]

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Why Ingredients Are So Important

Our ingredients are very important in our recipes. Every ingredient is chosen for its unique properties and ability to help heal and sooth tired skin. Many people react adversely to the thought of oil and wax in their products. The myth is that these ingredients are greasy and that they will plug your pores and cause [...]

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Awesome New Non Toxic Ingredient

In my quest to find the best ingredients possible I came across a sericite mica that has a LAUROYL LYSINE coating. This amino acid is derived from coconuts and used in mineral makeup to provide a silky finish. It also makes it more life proof, meaning it will perform better under wet conditions like [...]

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How I Got Turned Off Synthetic Cosmetics

Why Mineral Make Up Changed My LifeThere is some very scary information out there about the ingredients being used in products that are sold to us under the guise of being healthy, natural and beautiful. This scary reality has taken me on a path I never thought possible, making my own mineral make up. [...]

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