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Amazing Healing Properties of Iris Florentina



I just got back from another world, a tropical paradise with the most amazing colour plants. They inspired me to create some new tropical shades (coming next month!). 

Cuba may be politically controversial but the flora and fauna are not. I was amazed at the variety of colour and texture of Cuban plant life. As I wandered around taking pictures of plants, I was thinking about the variety of healing properties in nature's botanicals. Even just the humble coconut (Read more about coconut oil here) has so many beneficial uses. 

One of our favourite botanicals comes from southern Europe, mainly Italy. Iris florentina has a thick, violet scented rhizome, sword-like, green or grey-green leaves, that are semi-evergreen, and a tall branched stem with many flowers that are white and tinged, or flushed with blue. This plants rhizome produces a revitalizing anti-aging ingredient, that is rich in natural isoflavones, which stimulates the skin to compensate for decreased metabolic activity due to aging. In other words,it works by fortifying the dermis by limiting structural proteins from degrading. This reduces the depth of wrinkles and improves skin hydration and elasticity for an overall improvement in skin tone. We add a healthy dose of Iris florentina to our ZCC Light Daytime Anti-Aging Face Cream and other antioxidant rich oils, making one of the best product for natural anti-aging. Just check out the reviews on this product and see what others are saying!


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Stephanie Storm, Creative Designer, Artist, Nature Obsessed.

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