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​Increasing Neurological Disorders in Women



In an effort to constantly be learning, I am always searching for information. This month I was investigating mercury and heavy metals due to the increasing prevalence of neurological disorders in women as young as 40. This trend is occurring in women more than men. This lead me to thinking about... what is it that women do more often than men?

Turns out that we wear makeup and dye our hair way more than men!

Did you know that 61% of lipstick contains lead, and hair dye is mostly saturated with Coal Tar Dyes?! Yuck. They have the potential to cause cancer and may be contaminated with heavy metals toxic to the brain

"Only 20% of over 12550 products tested contained none of the "Dirty Dozen" chemicals"*listed on David Suzuki's website. 

Hmm is that bright red hair dye or lipstick really worth it? Make the switch!


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