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Should You Make The Switch To Natural Cosmetics



banner4.jpgThe human skin constitutes a living, dynamic tissue system that wraps and protects our bodies. It has the ability to absorb products into the bloodstream. The truth is, “up to 60% of the products we use on our skin are absorbed and deposited into the circulatory system (Fairley, 2001).” Yikes, are you starting to get worried yet? “The average woman absorbs 30 pounds of the ingredients contained in moisturizers over sixty years (Dr.Hauschka).” WOW! Now are you a little bit curious what was actually in those moisturizers and sunscreens?

Cosmetics do not stay on the surface of the skin without penetrating the skin. Especially when skin penetration ingredients are used. This provides an enhanced system of delivery to the blood stream along with ingestion. “Lipstick wearers, for example, consume 1.5 to 4 tubes in a lifetime (Aveda).” Maybe a bit more if you were one of those kids that liked to ” wear” their mothers lipstick whenever they could. If you think about the ingredients being internalized by the body, then absorbing plant oils and waxes, mineral pigments or essential oils, is a way better, healthier alternative to absorbing petroleum by-products and synthetic chemicals.

Switching to truly all-natural lotion and mineral make-up can help you to avoid feeding your skin harmful chemicals. Many skin problems, such as acne, contact dermatitis, irritations and allergies, may disappear once petroleum or synthetic ingredients are removed from your skin care routine. Using truly all-natural products can contribute to healthy skin and a healthy body over time.

Ready to switch yet? If not then read more….


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